AWARDED: “Best Addiction Treatment in Miami 2013″

At The Addictions Coach and our sister company, The Addictions Academy, we strive to offer the best in Addiction Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services, Addiction Coaching, Anger Management, Stress and Anxiety Management, Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Sober Companion Services, Intervention Services, Substance Abuse Treatment and even classes and courses approved through both NAADAC (The National Association for Addiction Professionals) and CAADAC (California State Association) with reciprocity in all states for continuing Education Units. We believe in treating the whole person and not just educating you, the client on ‘denial and relapse prevention”, we actually take the time to get to you know you, the client, as a person and get to the root cause of the issues you are experiencing. We know from over 20 years in the industry that our clients have an underlying issue and a root cause for using drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex to cope with the issues, stressors and events in life.

All of our staff are highly educated and experienced. Our founder, Cali Estes, has over 18 years in the industry and a Masters Degree with 24 additional certifications in the field of addictions. She has hand picked her staff with their strong dedication to Recovery Coaching, Intervention, Addiction Therapy, Addiction Coaching and extensive experience in drug and alcohol treatment facilities.  Everyone at The Addictions Coach has extensive personal experience and can relate to all of our clients on a personal level in terms of Recovery Coaching, Addiction Therapy, Substance Abuse, and Intervention.  We have been recently awarded ‘BEST TREATMENT CENTER IN MIAMI 2013” for our extensive ability to think outside the box with Addiction Treatment, Addiction Therapy, Addiction Coaching, Substance Abuse Services, Recovery Coaching, Sober Companion and Intervention Services.

At The Addictions Coach, we have been featured on  NBC Universal News, CNBC, CBS, LA Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Max Sports and Fitness, and MSN Money, among other TV programs, Media outlets, books and journals for our ability to get to the root cause of the drug and alcohol, food or gambling addictions.  The Recovery Coach Certified and highly educated staff at The Addictions Coach treats the whole body, not just the addiction. We focus on the root cause and offer positive forward motion solutions to get the client back on track.  We get RESULTS in the field of Recovery Coaching, Addiction Coaching, Substance Abuse, and Addiction Therapy. We offer SOLUTIONS to our clients. We are here and we succeed where other treatment centers, Recovery Coaches and  Addictions Therapists have failed.

Cali Estes, a drug counselor who is now helping “Rob” recover from his addictions, said she adamantly believes Xanax and similar drugs are overprescribed.

“I don’t believe they take the time with the patients to figure out what the problems are,” Estes said. “A doctor who is running short on time and nurses and probably isn’t paid as much as he or she used to be finds it easier to say, ‘OK this person has a problem, here’s your script, have a nice day, where’s my next patient.’”

Our unique approach and 24/7 availability for our clients allows them to continue working, playing and existing in real life situations, while we assist them with Recovery Coaching, Sober Companion Services and Addiction Therapy.  We come to the client and can appear on movie sets, at the office, at the event, playing field, playing court, tour bus, or travel wherever the client needs us to be. We even offer a unique substance abuse and addiction coaching service that no one else does in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. We offer Mobile Rehab, where we bring the drug and alcohol treatment facility to you, on your terms, in your life. We get results in the substance abuse industry and the addiction coaching field. In addition to our extensive services we also offer individual sessions by the hour or block of time for more intense assistance. We blend our training in addiction with stress and lifestyle management and wellness coaching to assist the total person.

Unique, Goal oriented, results and solution focused are words to describe us at The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy. We can help you.  We offer a 100% CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY to protect your identity, and keep your information private. We won’t even ask your last name.  We are only interested in helping you, the client, At The Addictions Coach with all of your addiction coaching, addiction therapy, substance abuse and drug and alcohol treatment issues.

Our Staff can come direct to your home or office and offer our unique and exclusive mobile drug and alcohol treatment (mobile rehab) services to you instead of staying in a 28 day facility. We can also offer Recovery Coaching Services, Addiction Coaching, Gambling Coaching, Food Addictions, Sober Companion Services and Intervention Services. We are all  Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching Staff, Nationally Certified Interventionists and even drug and alcohol therapists and counselors. We  are on hand to offer hourly, daily, by appointment or 24/7 live in care as needed.  Call Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, today at 1.800.706.0318


CAADAC Education Approved Number  2C-12-176-1214

NAADAC Education Approved Number 130309


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